Here is what a few of my clients have to say:

“Since I have been seeing Charlene, she has helped me to revisit my artistic undertakings and deal with relationships in practical as well as spiritual ways. She has also supported my ability to attract good things to my life. We have used the Zpoint method, which works thoroughly and beautifully, implemented by Charlene’s soothing voice and calm energy.

I also appreciate her openness in sharing her own journey, and the safe, nonjudgmental environment she creates. Her listening and intuitive skills are amazing. When I don’t seem to have anything to work on for a session, she is able to sort out and focus on an issue from my ramblings, and it is always just what I need to focus on.

Charlene is definitely on my appreciation list as a knowledgeable and nurturing companion on my journey toward feeling good and spiritually sound. Thank you Charlene!”

Virginia, Albany


“Even after my first Zpoint session I felt results. With each continuous session I am more and more connected to what I want in my life and what I don’t want. The reason is Charlene’s skill and her knowledge of Zpoint. It is a must do for anyone who wants to be spiritually free.”

Denise, Troy, New York


A melding of the conscious and subconscious…

“At Charlene’s invitation I attended an introductory  Zpoint group session at a local venue. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to let go of the stress and tension that had my neck and back complaining for so long. The effects were immediate and lasting.  Zpoint seems to be a melding of the conscious and subconscious. Much less complicated than hypnosis. Charlene’s soothing, confident voice help me release unknown, irrelevant thoughts and patterns that had taken up residence in my physical body. I recommend Charlene and Zpoint to anyone who wants to flourish and grow.””

Doris, East Greenbush, New York