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Excerpted from ” Journeys”

Being given the middle name Liberata was like receiving a wireless communication from my great, great grandparents. The message was destined for me. They named their daughter, my great-grandmother, with that name, who named her daughter with that name, who gave her daughter, my mother, that name as a middle name, and my mother named me. And so it traveled down my mother’s line and came to rest and I was paying attention. A priest friend once told me that in Latin the words “liberata est” mean “she who has been freed”. Hearing that was like being told a very big clue about the meaning of my existence. Whether the meaning in Latin is precisely true or not is of no consequence. I heard it. It was a message I needed. It was a godsend. It was a precious find in my archaeological dig for my self. With that precise combination embedded, the tumblers on the safe all fell elegantly into place and the door released.”

Hello world!


Ours is a pretty limited view here in dimensional reality. Some cycles are small and we see the coming round of things fairly quickly. The child gets better, the friend finds a job, the check arrives. But some cycles are rather large and many even shoot out beyond our lifetime. Standing in the energy of Source makes it possible for us to use our gift of imagination in the most life-giving way available. Many people call this having faith in the Creator’s ability to bring about perfect results even when  the path looks much less than promising. Others call it staying in the Vortex of Creation or being One with the Will of God or even One with everything, All That Is.

Staying aligned with the perspective of Source can be a bit like being underwater and bobbing up for air. Up above the surface there is life giving breath, frame of reference and relief. One can learn how to float and ride the waves.

In literature and sacred writing God’s perspective is often described as a mountain top and, indeed, the view from high up is so much more far reaching than the one from down in the valley. The scout can see the way home or the size of the opposing army and send a runner back with this valuable information. But with the Source of all things, the information goes both ways.

Our perspective is also valuable to All That Is, God, because we are each a part of that body. And so, just as we each expand and grow through our connection with the Creator, the whole of the Creator expands through us. The body of All That Is becomes greater with each individual part’s growth. And never mind how any one’s contribution may appear at any given time, God’s perspective takes in the longest and most infinitely encouraging view. It includes even the longest cycle with absolute knowledge of the fabulous outcomes for All That Is, no matter how it looks to us from our small vantage. This is The Kingdom of God, Nirvana, 7th Heaven, Ecstacy, the Vortex,  Infinite Intelligence, the Mystical Body, the Sephiroth, Divine Brain, Hand of God, Perfect Peace or any other expression of our greatest desire and it exists right here right now!

So don’t wait until you leave behind the material world and enter into non-physical. Live it up! Be as consistently optimistic as you are able. Risk ridicule and the misunderstanding of others. Who cares?! Float above the nay-sayers and the “news-sayers! Make your own news by coming up for air. Inhale the breath of  true freedom. Imagine wonderful, peaceful, abundant, happy, over the top Joy right now. Be it! That is the way to create it!

Charlene Liberata Therrien

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