Zpoint Meditative Clearing Process

Zpoint is a powerful tool for helping people to enjoy a happier vibrational state – in other words,  feel better and better – by clearing unconscious resistance to peace of mind. If you are ready for relief from feelings, beliefs, memories, and patterns of thinking which weigh you down and limit your ability to respond to life from your best self, Zpoint is for you. As you feel resistance melt away and you are free from the weight of old conditioning you can expand and embrace the fullness of the joy of being alive as unique you!
With Zpoint there is:

  1. No guesswork
  2. No endless, repetitive talk
  3. No need to analyze or bare your soul

You begin to see results right away – even after the first session!
The role of the participant is to breathe, relax and let the process flow in a safe, calm and restorative space. What may at first seem passive, is actually working subconsciously to transform your mental, emotional and physical life.
Each person’s path of healing is individual. Under my guidance the Zpoint process helps you to embrace that uniqueness and uses that God given inner wisdom to create the best possible outcome for you.
With each relaxing session you feel encouraged to move forward and discover the precious unfolding that you originally imagined your life would be!

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